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Revamped facilities for new mums and all

Revamped facilities for new mums and all
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Revamped facilities for new mums and all

27 July 2016

 Since October 2015 we have gradually been making progress with upgrading our restroom facilities. Now they are finished, we are thrilled with the end results and especially proud of our Parent & Baby room. 

The £45,000 refurbishment has been done gradually so that we did not have to close the facilities to the public at any time. The number of cubicles in the Ladies toilets have been increased from 8 to 12 to cope with the increased use over the past couple of years. We have also upgraded the lighting to LED and changed the taps and hand dryers to much more economic models in all of the facilities.

The Parent & Child room has been transformed into a much more vibrant and pleasant place to deal with your child’s needs. There is a child’s toilet, breast feeding cubicle and nappy changing area with bright and colourful wall art, much more attractive to children, hand painted by #joolear. The breast feeding area has a new comfortable chair and dimming light switch to suit new mums.


John Tarrant, Centre Manager comments "Our facilities were out of date and we wanted to take this opportunity to make better use of the space we have which enhances our customers’ shopping experience when they come to the Alhambra Shopping Centre.”

“We are delighted with the finished result of the refurbishment. All facilities have been modernised and are much more economically efficient in line with the rest of the Centre’s developments."